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thisphone.co.uk born to help fight spam phone, surely you've ever had to deal with nuisance calls without knowing where they come from or who makes them, with the help of thisphone.co.uk and comments from our users who have had the same experience as your , we will give the reasons for these llamdas so annoying. It's free if free !!! without registration, you can report the phone number that keeps calling you to find out who is calling you. thisphone.co.uk is a service of reverse phone lookup, I is not designed to find the phone of a person or company if not who or what that number belongs. Do not hesitate to report any annoying number is totally FREE and without registration or private data.

Reported last phone numbers

  • 07498955133

    By Anonimo 42 minutes 36 seconds ago

    Number rang a few times and hung up this morning at 3.03 am. After reading these comments I txt back and asked, "Can I help you?". They phoned again however I didn't answer, only to receive a txt saying "guess not". I replied with "pervert." To which they replied "are u fucking stupid dnt say that shit". All sounds like spam to me.

    Location: Unknown

  • 85995

    By Anonimo 10 hours 51 minutes ago

    keep getting texts and it says to send message noinfo but then it says not sent

    Location: Unknown

  • 07860010030

    By Anonimo 12 hours 24 minutes ago

    Text message calling me Rick (not my name) saying I'd been placed in a queue for an advisor with a web link attached. Then a follow up text saying they are ready.

    Marked as: Unknown

    Location: Unknown

  • 6362491848

    By Anonimo 12 hours 54 minutes ago

    Has called my phone 26 times in one day. I don't know what it is for but it needs to stop.

    Location: USA, Missouri

  • 001800

    By Anonimo 13 hours 17 minutes ago

    0018001021100 This phone number is calling me 3 to 4 times every day, to the extent that it is affecting my business. I now have an answer machine to take every call, rather than answering myself. They say they are digital security, and want to update my security software, it will only cost $x amount. I was suckered last year and they took £750. these calls are bad news to me.

    Location: Unknown

  • 442035193080

    By Anonimo 13 hours 29 minutes ago

    This phone number is keep calling me. i dont know this number and his user.

    Location: Unknown

  • 07480944084

    By Anonimo 16 hours 48 minutes ago

    This phone number owner rubbed money from me. It seems he is doing this to many people. I thought it was good to report to prevent further scam.

    Location: Unknown

  • 008142983021

    By Anonimo 17 hours 9 minutes ago

    Someone please stop this telephone fraud my friend was in a disagreement with sky and thought she was entitled to a refund. Delighted to hear she was getting it gave details to these fraudster s. BT must stop this now

    Location: Unknown

  • 2048182284

    By Anonimo 18 hours 37 minutes ago

    called at 4:25 am. Hung up when I answered

    Location: Canada, Manitoba

  • 01400269998

    By Anonimo 18 hours 40 minutes ago

    Marked as: Unknown

    Rating: 7

    70 %

    Location: United Kingdom, Honington

  • 00441344576277

    By Anonimo 1 day 2 hours ago

    Does this number belong to Panasonic uk???

    Location: Unknown

  • 01706398645

    By Anonimo 1 day 6 hours ago

    Marked as: Unknown

    Rating: 8

    80 %

    Location: United Kingdom, Rochdale, Rossendale

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